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Rent a Car for a Wedding in Karachi

Wedding event is a special event for everyone and definitively everyone wants to make it very special and memorable, it’s the tradition in Pakistan to use the best car for the groom by decorating it with flowers.

If you are looking to rent a car for a wedding in Karachi and visiting rent a car near me shop and searching online but have not finalized any,eZhire car rental is the best choice,eZhire offers a great variety of cars at daily, weekly, and monthly affordable rental with no deposit.

eZhire provides you with elegant wedding transportation solutions for your special event of wedding, rent a car for a wedding in Karachi was not an easy task for someone who was looking to rent a car for wedding in Karachi,eZhire has made it so easy by providing a great variety of vehicles from small to big cars,eZhire provides the best cars, one can rent a car for wedding in Karachi, for business or family trip or to use it as daily or commute at reasonable rental charges.

We provide the best wedding car rental in Karachi,we provide the best solution for wedding Transportation. eZhire provides the wedding car rental in Karachi with and without a driver, we deliver your favorite car to your doorstep as well as we have multiple locations, one can pick up the car if he prefers to pick it up on his own.

Wedding Car Rental

Although there are multiple companies that provide wedding car rental in Karachi they have a traditional way to provide wedding rent a car in Karachi like you need to go to visit the wedding rent a car Karachi shop and then you will check the availability of your required car, maybe you need to wait for hours and then you will realize that they have old models of the cars with high rental charges, so it is very hard to check and compare the rental charges,eZhire offers best cars with best rates through eZhire app, you can download the eZhire app and check the cars with rates, with driver or without driver and the car will be delivered to you within one hour, we are not working only for wedding rent a car in Karachi, we provide you the rental cars for all purposes. Now wedding transportation is not a matter, you can rent any car at any time, just download the eZhire app and after getting registered select your favorite car with a number of days and order the car, our customer support team will call you for the confirmation of your booking and you will get the car delivery.

rent a car for wedding karachi



Download eZhire Mobile App & register with Driving license & CNIC or Passport


Select Car & your location where you want the car to be delivered


Experience the magic of having your car delivered to you, on-demand

Wedding Car Rental Rates

Cars 5hours rate in PKR Daily rate in PKR Weekly rate in PKR Monthly rate in PKR
Suzuki Alto - 3,399 21,999 74,999
Suzuki WagonR 1,499 2,999 18,999 71,999
Toyota Corolla - 4,499 29,999 87,999
Toyota Hilux - Revo --- 7,500 50,000 170,000
Toyota Prado --- 12,000 80,000 270,000
Mercedes CLA200 16,999 19,999 125,999 509,999
Hiace Grand Cabin --- 6,999 45,500 180,000

Car Selection

Suzuki Alto

alto rent a car

Daily 3,399 - Weekly 21,999 - Monthly 74,999

Suzuki WagonR

wagonR rent a car

5 hours 1,699 - Daily 2,999 - Weekly 18,999 - Monthly 71,999

Toyota Corolla

rent a car for wedding karachi

Daily 4,499 - Weekly 29,999 - Monthly 87,999

Toyota Hilux - Revo

rent a car for wedding karachi

Daily 8,999 - Weekly 59,999 - Monthly 239,999

Toyota Prado

rent a car for wedding karachi

Daily 15,999 - Weekly - 107,999 - Monthly 299,999

Mercedes CLA200

mercedes rent a car

5 hours 17,999 - Daily 21,999 - Weekly 125,999 - Monthly 509,999

Hiace Grand Cabin

rent a car for wedding karachi

Daily 8,499 - Weekly - 51,799 - Monthly 209,000

Traditional Wedding Transportation Changed through ezhire

eZhire rent a car app is fully automotive to manage your rental process from beginning to the end, we have clear terms and conditions and best rental policies, customers can pay through online payment method, we have a secure payment gateway to provide convenience to the customers .and there is no concept of any hidden charges, we believe to provide you the best and reliable rent a car Islamabad service,eZhire is the only way to hire a car in Karachi without any hassle.

eZhire app is a fully automotive app to manage all the rental processes. The car will be delivered to you within one hour,eZhire has a fair and easiest rental process with no hassle of paperwork or to stay in long lines. eZhire is working in 3 cities of Pakistan, Rent a car Karachi, Rent a car Lahore, and Rent a car Islamabad. eZhire works with 3 models rent a car for self-driving, rent a car with driver and rent a car in intercity. eZhire provides the best new cars at affordable rental charges with no deposit.

Frequent Asked Question FAQs

Minimum age for hiring a car is 18 years and you should have valid CNIC and driving license. If you are on a tourist visa then you need to have a valid home country license, an international driving license and valid passport with visa stamp.
One of the eZhire partners closest to your location will deliver the car to you.
Collection and Delivery charges are PKR. 350 each.
Booking timing are 24 hours. Delivery and collection timings are from 8 AM to 9 PM
We accept all Credit and Debit Cards. Upload your card details on our secure platform and we will handle the rest.
We do not take any kind of security deposit.
We deliver all over the Karachi.
Note: All cars are subject on availability.
Yes, all cars come with comprehensive insurance as per Pakistan law. In case of any type of accident or damage, a police report is mandatory by law. You will have to over and above insurance amount.
Yes, eZhire provides full insurance depending on the car category.
In the event of an accident, you must notify the eZhire immediately.Failure to submit a police report will render you liable for all costs incurred as a result of the accident and will result in no insurance coverage.
Punctures, tyre damage, wheel caps, aerials and windscreens are not covered by insurance even after getting full insurance coverage.
Yes, there will be a surcharge.
Yes, there is a limitation on mileage depending on the days you have rented the car.
Kilometers allowed:
Daily - 200 km, Weekly - 1700 km, Monthly - 4000 km
Although the mileage is more than enough and crossed in very rare cases, if you drive extra miles then you will be charged as follows: Excess Kilometer Charges are mentioned below:
Hatchback: PKR: 20 per Kilometer
Sedan: PKR: 30 per Kilometer
The minimum length of a rental is 24 hrs. This is 1-day Rental.
We will provide you a replacement key if the car is locked for any reason. Service charge to provide a replacement key is up to PKR.500. Lost key charges are dependent on the manufacturer.
Customers are responsible for paying for their own fuel consumption. Each car is provided with a level of fuel and customers have to return the vehicle with the same level of fuel as they were given. The difference in fuel will be charged to the customer plus PKR.500 Service Charges if the same amount is not returned.
The renter and the driver have to be in possession of a valid driving license.
The renter and the driver have to be in possession of a valid CNIC.
Driver should upload any paid Utility Bill of last 3 months.
Valid Card if payment mode is Credit Card or Debit Card.