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Rent A Car Lahore

If someone is planning to visit Lahore definitively it would be the best option to go and explore the history, art, and culture of Lahore, there are plenty of food options one can eat and taste a variety of food at reasonable rates as well as there is a great variety for shopping.
Lahore is the second-largest city in Pakistan with a population of about 8.5 million. Lahore city has a great history and the city has many historical places like Badshahi Mosques, Lohre fort, Tomb of Jahangir, Minar e Pakistan, etc.

There are so many parks, shopping malls, famous historical places, the city is full of attractions, if you are a visitor in Lahore and want to explore the city and if you are looking to rent a car from Lahore to Islamabad and don’t have any idea about rent a car rates in Lahore how to rent, where to go, which car rental is the best and affordable and reliable! Don’t you worry now eZhire car rental app is available in Lahore to download and get your favorite rental car delivered at your location ,eZhire provides best rent a car rates in Lahore Although the public transport and taxi service is also available in Lahore with a wide range it must be so crowdy and expensive if you want to visit many places in Lahore or you want to go for a family or business trip or you have need some transport to use it as daily use, a rental car is the best option and especially if a rental car is affordable and easily available through the app.

If you are looking to rent a car in Lahore on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis,eZhire car rental offers all options at a reasonable price with no security deposit. we also provide rent a car karachi and islamabad.

Easy and Fast way to Rent a car in Lahore with Driver through eZhire App

eZhire car rental app has a very simple and easy process to hire a car, there is just need be registered after downloading the app and then simply choose the car and number of days and book the car, you will get a confirmation notification and also you will receive the confirmation call from our customer support team, the car will be straight delivered to you within one hour.

For those who are looking for a car rental in Lahore for a short period of time or a long period of time and looking for rent a car rates in Lahore , eZhire car rental Lahore Pakistan offers a great car rental service in Lahore with best rates and you can hire a car for as many days as you want as well as there are huge discount offers on monthly car rental service in Lahore, we provide cheapest car rental in Lahore.

rent a car lahore



Download eZhire Mobile App & register with Driving license & CNIC or Passport


Select Car & your location where you want the car to be delivered


Experience the magic of having your car delivered to you, on-demand

Car Rental Lahore Rates

Cars 5 hours rate in PKR Daily rate in PKR Weekly rate in PKR Monthly rate in PKR
Suzuki Alto 3,399 21,999 74,999
Suzuki WagonR 1,999 2,999 18,199 71,999
Toyota Corolla 4,499 29,199 87,999

Car Selection

Suzuki Alto

Rent a car lahore

Daily 3,399 - Weekly 21,999 - Monthly 74,999

Suzuki WagonR

WagonR rent a car

Half day 1,999 - Daily 2,999 - Weekly 18,199 - Monthly 71,999

Toyota Corolla

rent a car lahore

Daily 4,499 - Weekly - 29,999 - Monthly 87,999

Advantages of rent a car through eZhire App

eZhire offers the easiest way to rent a car for wedding in Lahore by tapping three taps,eZhire offers a wide range of car rental services in Lahore and also offers intercity car rental in Karachi short and long time Period Car rental in Lahore.

The comprehensive insurance and great millage are included in the rental charges as well as there is no security deposit, most car rental companies ask for a huge security deposit and high rental charges but eZhire offers discounted rental charges without a security deposit.

Rental car at your door-step

eZhire offers rental cars delivery at your doorstep,eZhire has made the car rental service in Lahore easiest by delivering the cars at your location, if someone wants to pick and drop the rent a car in Lahore by himself,eZhire has a different location to go and pick up the car.

Rental Car for a Business Travel or Family Trip

If you are looking for the cheapest Intercity car rental in Lahore for a business or family trip,eZhire will be the right choice, as eZhire has all car types from small cars to the big ones.As eZhire provides the both models of renting a car like short term and long-term car rental so one can rent a car according to their requirement, eZhire car rental app manages all rental process for example if someone wants to extend the rental days or want to exchange the rental car, he can make the changes through the app.

Best to use as daily commute

eZhire rental cars are best to use as daily commute as the rental charges are affordable, one can hire the rental car and use it as a daily commute with no hassle, a customer can rent a car as long term like rent a car for a month or several months, he can hire a rental car for a month than an extend on monthly basis. eZhire offers both options with and without a driver, one can enjoy the flexibility of renting a car through eZhire

Get the Monthly Discount Offers

eZhire offers the best promo offers on monthly rental,eZhire offers discount offers on small, medium, and big cars, one can get the rental car on monthly basis and save his time and money.

Get the best and clean cars

Customers can get the best and clean cars with eZhire,eZhire provides new and clean cars at the best prices, every car is delivered to the customers after cleaning and sanitizing.


eZhire is an on-demand car rental company, which provides rental cars through its fully automotive app all rental process manages through App, no need to go anywhere and submit your documents and wait for hours, just use the eZhire app get registered once and rent a car whenever you need a rental car,eZhire has great vehicle range and provides cars for short- and long-term models at reasonable rates with no deposit and best rent a car rates in Lahore.
eZhire is the only app for hiring a car in Lahore, Karachi, and rent a car in Islamabad and soon it will be available all over Pakistan, it’s a UAE-based app that works in UAE and all gulf countries as well.

Frequent Asked Question FAQs

Minimum age for hiring a car is 18 years and you should have valid CNIC and driving license. If you are on a tourist visa then you need to have a valid home country license, an international driving license and valid passport with visa stamp.
One of the eZhire partners closest to your location will deliver the car to you.
Collection and Delivery charges are PKR. 350 each.
Booking timing are 24 hours. Delivery and collection timings are from 8 AM to 9 PM
We accept all Credit and Debit Cards. Upload your card details on our secure platform and we will handle the rest.
We do not take any kind of security deposit.
We deliver all over the Karachi.
Note: All cars are subject on availability.
Yes, all cars come with comprehensive insurance as per Pakistan law. In case of any type of accident or damage, a police report is mandatory by law. You will have to over and above insurance amount.
Yes, eZhire provides full insurance depending on the car category.
In the event of an accident, you must notify the eZhire immediately.Failure to submit a police report will render you liable for all costs incurred as a result of the accident and will result in no insurance coverage.
Punctures, tyre damage, wheel caps, aerials and windscreens are not covered by insurance even after getting full insurance coverage.
Yes, there will be a surcharge.
Yes, there is a limitation on mileage depending on the days you have rented the car.
Kilometers allowed:
Daily - 200 km, Weekly - 1700 km, Monthly - 4000 km
Although the mileage is more than enough and crossed in very rare cases, if you drive extra miles then you will be charged as follows: Excess Kilometer Charges are mentioned below:
Hatchback: PKR: 20 per Kilometer
Sedan: PKR: 30 per Kilometer
The minimum length of a rental is 24 hrs. This is 1-day Rental.
We will provide you a replacement key if the car is locked for any reason. Service charge to provide a replacement key is up to PKR.500. Lost key charges are dependent on the manufacturer.
Customers are responsible for paying for their own fuel consumption. Each car is provided with a level of fuel and customers have to return the vehicle with the same level of fuel as they were given. The difference in fuel will be charged to the customer plus PKR.500 Service Charges if the same amount is not returned.
The renter and the driver have to be in possession of a valid driving license.
The renter and the driver have to be in possession of a valid CNIC.
Driver should upload any paid Utility Bill of last 3 months.
Valid Card if payment mode is Credit Card or Debit Card.